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Dan Medema is an artisan. The work he creates is an extension of the gift God has given him for craftsmanship. Examples of the kind of work he does include:

  • Restoring Antique Furniture

  • Custom Design Furniture

  • Repairing High Quality Furniture

  • Replicas

  • Sentimental Wood

  • Custom Moldings

  • Repair Work

  • Wood Carvings

Restoring Antique Furniture
Whether itís a purist vision or one to restore the finish of your antique to its original state, Dan can accommodate you.

Custom Design Furniture
Dan can fabricate furniture solutions to fit specific areas of your home.

Repairing High Quality Furniture
Do you have a broken chair leg, damaged table, or has your dog chewed on your prized piece? Dan will work to repair the crack, splinter, missing veneer, gouge or whatever the damage. As much as is possible he will match the color, finish and style and make the repair invisible.